Thursday, May 04, 2006

Songs by Killjoy Pt. 2

(Chorus)She tore my heart, tore it good
She took my love, beneath her boot
She hurt my pride, hurt it good
She crushed my life, burned to soot

You came and loved me, loved me true
You healed my pain, but not for long
You don't deserve this, my tears aren't from you
you deserve the best, more than this song


I never asked for you to come here
But you did, that's why I hold you dear
This wound's still open though, still bleeds
This heart still hurts, but cause of you still beats

You don't need to tell me that you're not her
I know this all too well, yet I still cry
I see the hurt I cause you, you head for the door
Please don't leave me now, I swear it'll bleed me dry


I never asked you to love me
But you do, now you can see
This prison that holds me, self-created
I've become everything and nothing, self-hated

(music softens words are spoken, not sung)
Baby-I know you care
Really-I see you there
Every man wants your charms,
but you still hold me in your arms
I don't mean put that hurt in those eyes
But don't leave me, if you do my heart'll die
(Music picks back up)


I'm trapped, caged in tears
I'm whipped, a slave to fears
I can't get out, no, never out
I can't say what you need, to shout,
I love you
(softly)But I do, yes, I do.


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