Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today wasn't a bad day really, though I was late for work again. It was actually pretty good. Until tonight. Then IT happened...

*Killjoy enters the clinic, intent upon mopping the floor until it has a mirror-finish. He then thinks of something.*
"I think I'll check my e-mail real quick," he says.
*Killjoy proceeds to check his e-mail, and he sees IT.*
"Wow, yet another e-mail from some stupid dating agency that is desperate for customers...might as well see what moronic ploy they are going to use on me before I delete it," he mutters.
*The e-mail is an actual letter! It is from a Russian girl! WOW! Killjoy is astonished for the following reasons:
  1. She is Russian (Killjoy has a thing for Russian accents)
  2. She has red hair (Killjoy likes red hair)
  3. SHE IS 5'8"!!!!!! (Killjoy's idea of the perfect hight for a girlfriend/wife!!!)
  4. She is....CHRISTIAN! (Could it get ANY BETTER?!)
  5. She is 21!!!!! (KILLJOY IS 21!!!!!)
  6. She sent pictures(don't worry they are decent) (SHE IS HOT!!!!)

*Killjoy is overcome with happiness! He checks the links and every other possible way to determine a hoax....IT'S REAL!*

*That's when he sees the e-mail address the e-mail was SUPPOSED to go to: bossmann30. Killjoy's is boss_turtle....*

There you have it folks. Incredible, but true (I swear on my name!). That is how my day was crushed.

I'm going home to cry myself to sleep. Goodnight.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Career Opportunities?

Well folks, I'm thinking of staying here in Artesia and becoming a veterinary technician. That means working with my father permanantly. There are a lot of reasons, and my mother seems to think it's a good idea. Who knows? I enjoy my job and there is always plenty to do. This past two weeks I have been learning to be a tech. I can give Sub-Q and IM shots, insert catheters, and I have become a dental assistant tech(mainly entails monitoring vitals and giving shots).
The girls here are sweet and mostly helpful(they have thier do I but mine are usually bad...). I have to say that Artesia Animal Clinic is THE BEST place to work in all of New Mexico. Maybe not the highest paying, but the Bosses are fair and do everything they can to help you with any problem you may have. Besides, I can pay my bills, buy most everything I need and still buy my parents lunch every now and then so the pay isn't bad at all.

Well, I guess this blog has been about not much of anything, sorry. I'll try to continue my new story tomorrow. Goodnight folks.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Shadow's Call

I decided to write another story folks. We'll see how this turns out. This time, it's just for your reading enjoyment. Hope you enjoy!

Journal of Thomas Birch, Detective, NewHollow PD
December 13, 1922
Business has been slow of late. Sometimes I wonder why I even moved away from New York. In my two weeks here I have been sent on only one case. No wonder, really. This town has a population of barely six and a half hundred people. At least I get a cozy office. Hopefully I'll start seeing some action soon.


Letter from unknown address to the NHPD
December 19, 1922

I am writing on behalf of the town of Shade's Hill. While the authorities here do not know of this letter being sent to you, I assure you it is needed. We(the towns folk) have been scared witless as of late. There have been screams heard from the warehouses in the dock district in the dead of night and a few folk have recently gone missing. The authorities in town have been notified, but nothing has been done. I am an upstanding member of the church, good sirs, and I believe there to be some sort of blasphemy going on here...Please send someone to investigate this matter.

Yours truly,


Journal of Thomas Birch
December 20, 1922
I recieved this letter out of Shade's Hill this morning. The Chief says it's my job. To tell the truth, I really don't mind. I haven't had a good case in nearly a month, espeacially not a murder case. Besides, I'm told Shade's Hill is a nice town with the best seafood around. I leave first thing in the morning. The boys here at the station also gave me a welcome gift(it may be late but oh well). Its a Colt .45, beautiful. It sure beats not having a weapon.

To be continued...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The stuggle...

I don't know if it is public knowledge yet (or better yet, I can't REMEMBER...) but I am struggling up the steep and slippery slope back to "Christianhood". Now, I'm not being sarcastic: I mean it. I have been failing miserably as of late (I alsways do...worst than most I imagine) but I'm trying.

So, here I am at work with a bunch of CHRISTIAN co-employees and I've noticed a couple of things as I have compared how I am doing in my spiritual war with satan to others' battles:

  1. I have heard two of these(and these are the two that preach alot) so-called CHRISTIANS talking smack about the third employee (who does not preach).
  2. E#3, who (I don't really know if she's a christian, I don't think so...) does not preach, acts more like the Big Man himself (dare I say it?! JESUS! HA HA! Take that liberals!) than the other two.
  3. I have heard (on several occaisions) E#2 cuss for stupid reasons.

Time out! I cus like a sailor (or I used to, I'm getting better! I'm so proud!) and I look back on that and I hear E#2 say those things and I cringe. DO YOU KNOW HOW IDIODIC CUSS WORDS SOUND?! Don't get me wrong, I slip too. I slip often. BUT I DON'T PREACH JESUS' NAME AND USE THEM IN THE SAME SENTENCE!

How...uh,'s THE word: HYPOCRITICAL!



Hmmm...I bet satans licking his lips...

In closing, I'd like to say: If I was even HALF as holy as those two think they are, I'd be nominated for sainthood by the AETHEISTS!!!!

Good night folks!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I HAD A DREAM!! Wait a moment...

Hmmm...Does anyone else find dreams a little funny? I think one could learn alot of from them, personally. There's those that fortell the future(in a way...some refer to it as "deja vou", but that's a blog for another time). There's those that express your fears, desires, needs, and memories. Now, I had a dream last night that for some reason I can't quite place it and where it should go. Normally, my dreams are either depressing or violent(depending on how my day went, the happy dreams I usually don't remember)

Well, I'm gonna share it with you (or at least, what I can remember of it), and I'll let you decide what it means...hopefully you'll let me know.

Now, I was walking down downtown main st. (Artesia) with my friends Chu and Will headed east. I remember seeing the 1st National sign, but could read what time it was. It was a sunny day, warm (not hot mind you) and the street was pretty busy, alot of people walking besides us. As we started to pass Formal Elegance, I see this girl that, for some strange reason I know not, seems REALLY familiar. She is blonde, long hair, pretty eyes(can't remember the color) and was weraing blue jeans and a baby-blue shirt, the kind that has 1/4 sleeves that are kinda puffy.
She was beautiful, though I CAN'T REMEMBER HER FACE! GRRRRRR! I saw it then, but I can't recall...Anyways, She joined our party after the usual casual formalities(hee hee...oxymoron) and we continued our stroll, but this time we headed east. After a while, I remember looking back and the boys had vanished. For some reason, this did not bother me like it usually would. More time passes and then we are facing each other (I get the feeling this is weeks, months, or maybe even a year later. She says, "Killjoy(insert my name), we've known each other for a while now, but..." And I reply, "Yes (insert her name...GRRRRR, can't remember!!!!)? And she says, "Why are we not going out?" And I say, "Because I haven't asked you yet..."
And I don't know what I said after that. There's a lot of static cause I don't remember what happened next, then:
We are sitting by a fireplace(not my parent's), there's a weight on my finger like a ring...but I don't look down, I don't feel the need to, so I don't know if it was a wedding band. We don't say anything, just enjopy each other's company. I remember looking at her oftern, she is so beautiful that I could do that forever, and she just looks back into my eyes and smiles. We kiss and I wake up feeling a deep sense of loss. It soon passes, was one of those dreams you don't want to wake up from. Maybe that's why it lasted 12 hrs...

Need your input people. I feel like I knew her from high school. Not as close friends, but as someone I talked to nearly everyday. An acquaitence that I was comfortable around...but noone comes to mind. It is frustrating and depressing!

Good night folks.


The title says it all right?!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

YOUR RIGHTS?! Sit down, shut up and listen!

I can't believe the state our country is in these days. One person in a million stands up and starts to gripe and gets thier way because noone else stands up to counter them! First we lost prayer in school, then we lost it at football games etc... NOW: The same Bi@#$ that took those rights away is at it again! She is trying to take all CHRISTmas themes off the TV and radio along with all the other christian broadcasts! SOMEONE SLAP THAT WHORE! If she is so offended by the christian beliefs, then SHE CAN CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is trying to take the "One Nation Under GOD" out of the pledge and have the US CONSTITUTION REWITTEN! HOW DARE THEY?! MY Civil Liberties include worshipping the way I WANT TO and being pround of belonging to a country that was founded on CHRISTIAN BELIEFS and following a constitution that was founded on THE TEN COMMANDMENTS!!!!!

So, in closing (this is where I step off of my soap-box) I would like to have one last rave here: