Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ram, here's another for ya!

Good news! I'm gonna have oral surgery again! WOO-HOO!

Actually, I do like is so wierd feeling. Ram, sis, remember one thing: if something bad happens to you and you do pass on...I'm having a New Mexico Certified (BIG consolence there) hack and slash at my mouth AGAIN and I will probably be joining you in the great hereafter. Anyways, anesthesiologists have to have extensive training to have the job (relatively) and it is the ONLY thing they do. So you should be fine. Plus, I have this sneaking suspicion that your surgery will go alot better than mine, but that's fine. Wish you well. I hope you read this before monday (I can't wait for my surgery...I just love it).

Good night y'all!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut...

Well, it's been an interesting day. I was running errands for work and one of them just happened to be "run home, get stool for Altus to use". This also just happened to be a VERY good thing. I got home and started for the stool. Upon reaching the dining room, I smell a funny acrid smell...maybe mom left the oven on and sumthin's burnin? Nope, upon further investigation I found that the smell did not originate in the kitchen at all, but in my room. What could it possibly be? Well, I decided to investigate(naturally) and headed for my door. The smell was overpowering as I opened my door to find the cause: my X-box was burning! Not burning as in flames, but burning as in a certain laser trying to read something that was not there and consequently frying the inside of the wonderous machine of fun. Yes folks, by a freak of nature, my electronic angel had it's wings ripped off. I could only think of one thing(after the stream of very colorful metaphors finally ebbed down to a trickle): It's a good thing I got there when I did or I might have returned to a home that wasn't there anymore. On top of various other small problems, this stressed me out. Good news: it didn't ruin my day. Amazing. It's just one of those things...crap happens.

Good night y'all.

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's been a long period of wet eyes and hurt heads...

Sorry it's been so long everyone. The doc took me off Paxil(anger issues...yes, even I have anger issues). He then decided to put me in the ever-growing pop of the usa that uses the miracle drug we call ZOLOFT. Wow. It works I guess...
I was reading Beef's blog and noticed he did a 20 things no one knew thing...Well, I'm stealing it. Good thing is: I'm 21, so you get an extra! Excited? Well, can't win for losin I goes:

  1. I love rock and roll, but a song that brings a tear to my eye is the best.
  2. I don't really smoke...the cigarette does. (that's a joke...I came up with it all by myself...)
  3. I have better sight out of my left eye than my right (cool eh?)
  4. Missing being able to spend my sibs birthdays with them when they do makes me cry(yes, I cry...gotta problem, stuff it)
  5. I am pretty sure that when I am angry, 90% of the time I'm only mad at myself
  6. I don't hold grudges that well (what can I say, I have butter-fingers!)
  7. No matter what I do I feel like I dissapoint my parents
  8. I hate myself (I'm fat, ugly-don't argue...I've been told MANY times so...)
  9. I wake up at night crying because of nightmares about my ex-fiance (I know, 3 years and I'm still a puppy)
  10. I lie when I'm cornered(usually)
  11. I hate getting up early, but love sunrises
  12. I play video games alot 'cause in a game, you're someone else
  13. I have absolutely no willpower
  14. I have no self-esteem
  15. I love the colors black, blue, and silver
  16. I collect knives/daggers/swords
  17. I collect anime series (blue gender, inuyasha...)
  18. I am depressed, even on meds, even when I'm laughing (meds make it easier to laugh)
  19. My smiles are rarely genuine
  20. I love construction work
  21. I harbor more secrets than the FBI or CIA...

There you have it folks...things VERY few people know about me. Y'all have a goodnight.